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Design and development of CNC pipe bending machine


Since the reform and opening up, China's pipe bending machine industry has undergone rapid development for several years. Both the main engine industry and the utility component industry have made great progress. However, the development speed of the functional component industry lags behind the development speed of the mainframe industry. It is a short board for the development of the CNC tube bending machine industry, and the support for the development of the functional parts of the tube bending machine needs to be increased. The high-speed, high-precision, servo external axis linkage, composite function of the pipe bending machine is the main direction of future development.

Design and development of CNC pipe bending machine system and multi-function pipe bending machine

In the 21st century, which has been re-opening for 30 years of rapid economic development, the demand for new plants in various industries such as plant, equipment, and transportation equipment has increased sharply. The consumption of various metal pipe fittings is far from satisfactory. Many metal pipe fittings are also in shape. Diversified and complicated development led to the design and development of CNC tube bending machine systems and multi-function tube bending machines. Traditional simple two-dimensional pipe bending machines have been unable to meet the complex industrial development needs. The three-dimensional numerical control pipe bending machine is gradually developed and gradually developed under this background. At present, it is only the initial stage of development of this industry, and the future is more intelligent and information-compatible high-end CNC bending opportunities are endless. The application of the programming controller (PLC) in the bender control system provides technical assurance for the complex request of the bend system. Up to now, due to the rise of domestic air-conditioning, automotive, furniture, travel goods and other industries, the demand for pipe bending machines has changed from quantity to quality. Therefore, the high-end technology of tube bending machine has also emerged. The numerical control technology has finally been introduced into the bending tube. In the machine industry, the intervention of CNC is a technological leap in the bending industry. It has a considerable qualitative leap from the speed and precision of the pipe. Due to the different industry users of various CNC pipe bending machines, the process objects and processes are not the same.
The CNC tube bender is constructed in three main ways:
A. Directly adopt embedded CNC system. The advantage is that the degree of freedom of programming is high, and it can be based on different pipe bending requests, without excessive mechanical intervention, and the programming can be completed, but the programming quality requirements for the personnel are relatively high. Ordinary models do not support the input of elbow XYZ geometry coordinate data.
B. Control mode separated by programmable controller PLC, position/speed control unit, touch screen and AC servo drive unit. PLC ladder diagram, STL programming control the organic separation of the position/speed unit and the touch screen, directly input the bending process data, and support the conversion of the elbow XYZ geometric coordinate data to the elbow YBC processing data. PLC hardware has high reliability, strong anti-interference, easy to maintain and re-develop software.
C. Industrial grade computer, servo motion control board, AC servo unit, system software is completed by C language or VB visual program, which can make full use of computer resources diversity and functionality, can be used for complex motion processes, mechanical trajectories, etc. Applications such as complex mechanical structures. In addition to the utility of the second method, it also increases the utility of pipe processing machinery intervention. The reliability of the hardware is slightly lower than that of the PLC system.

It adopts the control mode of PLC, position/speed control unit, touch screen and AC servo drive unit. The designed pipe bending machine system has two modes: manual and automatic operation. In the automatic mode, it can be divided into step-by-step bending and original point series bending, which is convenient for processing a variety of complicated pipe fittings. Regarding the pipe fittings with different bending radii, the upper and lower die switching is used to complete the processing of the pipe bending operation. For the bending of the pipe fittings for special machining requests, actions such as linkage, synthesis and corresponding auxiliary pushing are designed to prevent mechanical intervention and complete the automation of the pipe bending process.

The automatic CNC bending machine is combined with the automatic loading and unloading machine to realize unmanned automatic production, achieving automatic production in the true sense. The automatic equipment has the lowest dependence on people, realizes intelligent production, and the information exchange is compatible. Workshop, office The leadership layer is well aware of the entire production process and the product quality has further leap.

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